About Me - Steven Vandervelden

About Me

I am a versatile, passionate photographer both in and out of the studio.  While capturing an amazing landscape can be exhilarating, I truly enjoy capturing the beauty of a dancer, the expressions of a model, and the way light touches a subject.  If you work with me, my goal is to freeze a moment in time where emotion, beauty, and poignancy come together.  I often work with a team of professionals: make-up artists, wardrobe stylists, and hair stylists.  This guarantees that you will look your best when the light falls on you and my camera captures the image.  I live to be creative and to collaborate with my subjects and clients to not only come up with original ideas and images, but so my images are pleasing to all involved.  As stated, one of my strengths is my versatility.  I am comfortable shooting fashion photography (working with freelance models and agency models), dance photography, fitness photography, boudoir, maternity, and portrait work.  

If you are interested in working together or hiring me for a project, please contact me via email at stevenv873@msn.com